This is an OC fanfiction blog for a mini series type thing i'm writing..


It wasn’t a typical afternoon in Windry, Pennsylvania. Rather it was more aberrant than ever. The sun was absent and the clouds were ample, gorging the sky to the max. Normal weather would include the sun at the very pinnacle of the blue celestial sphere. Sage ignored the strange weather patterns and walked with ferocity, sporting a cream colored cardigan which covered her black velvet crop top. Her low rise jeans exposed her protruding pale hipbones and red bow belly button ring. The sunglasses fixed on her face covered her piercing green eyes, hiding any emotions she was feeling. Though sunglasses weren’t necessary to disguise her sentiment - her stone cold persona did just that. 

Passing many bleak buildings on her journey towards her workplace, she stopped at a fancy café just nearby which was routine for her every morning. Stepping into the established atmosphere, she instantly felt serene. There was a circular, wooden table in the corner that she then sat at, ordering just a bagel with strawberry jelly and cup of coffee - one sugar, one cream. While looking over work related papers, her waiter left her coffee at the table. A silent nod and smile was all Sage gave him. 

Only a few moments passed when Sage saw the shadow of a stranger near her table. Hastily looking up, her eyes met two alluring sapphire globes staring back at her. She gasped, taken back by not only his beauty, but his odd appearance. Pulling herself together, maintaining her stoic look, she mumbled “Hello?” with the raise of an eyebrow. A lopsided smile grew on his flawless face and he explained. “Sorry to scare you - if I did,” he shrugged, continuing “I am the owner of this café, just making an appearance to see how everyone is doing. Business has been going up, so I figured I’d stop in and check out how the employees - and guests - have been doing,” he nodded towards Sage when he said guests. A smirk appeared on her face while her eyes traced his body starting from his feet. “I come here everyday.” Nothing else was needed to be said other than that. 

No, shit. Owner? Figures. Her thoughts raced while she took a sip of her coffee. 

He stared back at her, extending his hand. “I’m Cameron.” When Sage put her hand out to meet his, an electric pulse rushed through her veins, making her shiver as if a breeze just lightly touched over her skin. “I’m thinking maybe I’ll stop in more than just today, then?” He flashed a full teeth smile, making Sage return a smile.

"Right. Great, yeah." Picking up her bagel, she took a lust-fueled bite as she nodded. Cameron walked away, looking back at Sage before he left the café, he raised his eyebrows in some sort of seductive manner. Sage flushed crimson red, making her blood boil. After she finished, she went to work to start a day full of boring activities.